Ben & Anna Natural Deodorant

The natural deodorant that works! Discover our popular Ben&Anna deodorant: Reliable protection by natural sodium- bicarbonate and arrowroot-extract. No aluminium. Vegan and cruelty-free formulas that are based on ingredients of 100% natural origin. Unique FSC-certified paper tube. Available in 7 fresh varieties. 

Packaging from FSC certified RECYCLABLE PAPER 

100% of natural origin Vegan & Cruelty free 0%  Aluminium

We, Ben and Anna, decided to leave the urban jungle behind us and exchange hectic city life for a quieter eco-friendlier life in the countryside. The Summers in our vibrant capital city of Berlin inspired us, as a strictly vegan couple, to create a natural and effective deodorant series. With so much passion and joy we created seven natural soda-based vegan deodorants. 
For a long time we looked for a deodorant that was suitable for us, sustainability and the exclusive use of natural ingredients was our key focus. Conventional ingredients, especially aluminum, were not right for us and in addition, it needed to be vegan and free of any animal testing. So here in Anna’s Hessian homeland, along with friends and ecological experts, we developed our own range of natural deodorants.

With our current deodorants, we have fulfilled our dream and managed to launch products that combine all these qualities. Lovingly created with Sodium Bicarbonate and Arrow Root extract, known for their bacteria-reducing, deodorising effect and fresh essences, our deodorant contains only natural ingredients to keep you fresh and dry all day long.

Because we care deeply about the environment, we have further improved our products and now completely refrain from using non-recyclable materials when packaging. That‘s why our seven-part deodorant series is now available in cardboard packaging made from 100% FSC certified, recyclable paper. But being ecological does not mean that our products are dull and boring, even with the new packaging, we were able to stay true to our design and our previous style.

Ben and Anna is a deodorant range that represents our love of all things natural. With its various refreshing fragrances, it is suitable for both men and women, vegans, environment lovers and anyone interested in natural products, but mainly it is suitable for everyone!

Ben & Anna Natural Soda Deodorant