Crosse and Blackwell Meat Sauce - Mint Meat Sauce - Case of 6 - 5 oz.

Crosse & Blackwell

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Crosse & Blackwell Sauce, Mint Sauce Is A Delicious, Kosher Sauce With Many Uses. Made With Egyptian Mint Leaves, Our Classic Sauce For Lamb Is Also A Zesty Addition To Dressings, Marinades And Sauces. Try Combining This Savory Sauce With Orange Marmalade Or Honey And Serve It Over Roasted Lamb Or Combine This Sauce With Olive Oil And Dijon Mustard And Serve It Over Salad. This Mint Sauce Is A Must-Have For Every Kitchen. Each Bottle Of Crosse & Blackwell Sauce, Mint Sauce Contains 5 Fl. Oz. Of Product.

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